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Lexus ES250 Air Suspension Controllers

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One of the best ways to customize a vehicle is with the use of air suspension. This allows you to have your ride slammed to the ground when you are parked or at a show, but when it comes time to navigate the speed bumps and pot holes of real world driving you can simply crank up the ride height. Air suspension relies on compressed air and a series of valves to control flow to air bags at each corner of the vehicle. While it would be possible to manually operate each of those valves it is much simpler to use an electronic air suspension controller. With air suspension controllers you will be able to raise and lower your ride with the simple push of a button.
Pneumatic springs were invented way back in 1901, and for many years were used as functional suspension components by several OEM manufacturers. It was not until much more recently that air bags gained popularity with the custom car community. Now they are most commonly scene on wild custom rides or trucks that need a little boost in carrying capacity. With air suspension controllers you can not only raise and lower your suspension, but these programmable controllers allow you to make your air bag equipped ride do some crazy maneuvers that will wow the crowd at the next show. Here at Andy's we are big fans of custom "bagged" rides, and love to see them strut their stuff at shows and on the street.
Q: What is an air suspension controller? Why buy one?
A: Air Suspension Controllers are remote control devices that allow you to adjust and set your air suspension. If you have installed air bags on your ride there are numerous different positions that you can set your suspension to. With air suspension controllers you can quickly and easily fine tune your ride height to match your current driving situation. So whether you need to pump it up for the extra weight from a car full of passengers or you want to slam it to the ground after you have parked to get the extra-low look, air suspension controllers will let you get the job done with ease. These controllers can also be programmed which will let your car dance and hop with the touch of a button. This is always a crowd pleaser at car shows and gatherings and is a great way to make your friends jealous.

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