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Lexus Gs Carbon Fiber Hoods

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Fits: 06-11 Lexus GS300/GS430 4dr


Retail: $735.92
Qty: Each

Fits: 98-05 Lexus GS300/GS400 4dr


Retail: $735.92
Qty: Each

Fits: 98-05 Lexus GS300/GS400 4dr


Retail: $1,038.68
Qty: Each

Fits: 98-05 Lexus GS300/GS400 4dr


Retail: $1,038.68
Qty: Each

Fits: 98-04 Lexus GS


Retail: $740.00
Qty: Each


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2nd Gen GS Lexus KYB Hood Struts for Carbon Fiber Hood (GS models 1998-2005)

OE Style VIS Carbon Fiber Hood For 98-05 Lexus GS300/400 4dr 98LXGS34DOE-010C

V Line Style VIS Carbon Fiber Hood For 98-05 Lexus GS300/400 4dr 98LXGS34DVL-010

2006-2011 Carbon Fiber Oem Hood Kit Auto Body For Lexus Gs-series 06-11 New in b

OE Style VIS Carbon Fiber Trunk/Hatch For 98-05 Lexus GS300 4dr 98LXGS34DOE-020C

At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Lexus Gs carbon fiber hoods so that you have all the options you want. In fact, we carry more carbon fiber hoods than any other company on Earth! We essentially carry every major line of carbon fiber hoods, so that whether you are looking for a Grade A Lexus Gs carbon fiber hood or a cheap Lexus Gs carbon fiber hood or anything in between for your vehicle, we've got it for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your Lexus Gs carbon fiber hood needs!

Most carbon fiber hoods on the market come with a UV-resistant gelcoat, which is great protection again the clearcoat fading over time. The most popular brands of carbon fiber hoods are VIS carbon fiber hoods, Seibon carbon fiber hoods, and Carbon Creations carbon fiber hoods, and in general carbon fiber hoods are designed to bolt on to your vehicle using the factory latches. If you are having any trouble finding a carbon hoods for your car or truck, or if you have any questions about any carbon fiber hood listed on our website, please contact us.
Q: Will I have to paint my carbon fiber hood when I receive it?
A: No. In fact, for a lot of people the whole reason for buying a carbon hood is to get that new-age cutting edge race look. The hood has a clear-coat finish and can literally be installed on your car out of the box. Because carbon hoods are made to be installed without painting, they are often a more affordable option than fiberglass or steel hoods after you account for the paint cost. (For anyone who really wants to paint a carbon hood, it is indeed possible since the clear coat finish responds well to primer.)

Q: Do you have to buy hood pins if you buy a carbon fiber hood?
A: Hood pins are not necessary when buying a carbon fiber hood if it comes with an OEM metal latch, but we do recommend them as a safety precaution. They are sold separately on our website. If the carbon fiber hood does not come with a latch, hood pins are mandatory to be able to close your hood. We always suggest buying hood pins when purchasing any light-weight hood for peace of mind; you don't want any chance of your hood flying into your windshield while you're cruising along on the highway!

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