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CV Joint Boot Kit Fitting Nissan Frontier Pathfinder Xterra & Infiniti QX4

CV Joint Boot Band Kit ( Standard ) For 1999 Nissan Pathfinder (USA)

CV Joint Boot Kit fits 1980-2004 Nissan 240SX Frontier Pathfinder BECK

CV Joint Boot Kit EMPI/Empire fits 1985-2006 Nissan Maxima Frontier Pathfinder

CV Joint Boot For 1997 Nissan Pathfinder (USA)

CV joints are an important part of the drivetrain on your vehicle. They transmit power from the axles to the wheels and allow flexibility so that your suspension can move freely up and down, and your wheels can turn left and right while still applying power to the ground. The job of your CV boot is to protect the CV joint from harmful contaminants including water and road debris, and keep the nice clean grease on the inside to ensure a long life of the overall joint. Just the smallest tear in CV boots can cause premature CV joint failure, which can be expensive to repair. A much more affordable approach is to replace your CV boots on a regular basis. This will keep your ride out of the shop and on the road where it belongs.
While the CV joint has plenty of modern applications, its history goes back several hundred years when the initial concept was thought up by physicists for use in construction applications. The letters CV stand for constant velocity and refer to the design principle that both ends of the joint spin at a continuous speed unlike u-joints. Early automotive use started in the late 1920's when engineers saw the benefits of the CV joint allowing for smooth transmission of power through extreme angle changes. Today CV joints are commonly used on most front wheel drive and rear wheel drive vehicles with fully independent suspensions. With low noise and vibration and great efficiency they are the joint of choice for modern power applications.
Q: What are CV boots? Why buy them?
A: CV boots are protective casings that keep moisture, dirt and grime away from your CV drive joints. CV joints undergo tremendous stress and strain, and even the smallest bit of dirt can significantly shorten their lifespan and will require expensive repairs. Over time your factory CV boots may crack, tear or break from heat or fatigue. Instead of waiting for the entire CV joint to fail it is much more cost effective to replace the CV boot with a brand new unit that will keep your CV joint protected for many more years. CV joints are relatively inexpensive and any mechanic can install them for you. Do not risk costly repairs; replace your CV boots today as part of your normal vehicle maintenance.

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