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Infiniti Door Straps

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If your car has been in an accident, or maybe you are just restoring it, sometimes it is difficult to find the little pieces to put it back together properly. However, these pieces are still crucial to your vehicle and you should not go without them. This is the case when it comes to door straps. The idea behind your door straps is that they limit the amount of travel on your door when you open it. Without these straps in place your door would swing all the way open and either hit someone else's car are more likely damage your own vehicle. With our selection of new door straps you can keep your doors in check.
Door straps are simple in design and important in function. We have a full selection of door straps to ensure that you get the right set to get the job done. Some OEM designs are made from solid metal while aftermarket units often feature a soft canvas design and can be adjusted to fit your specific needs. No matter which you prefer, at Andy's we'll make sure you get the door straps you want to keep your vehicle moving down the road.
Q: What are door straps? Why buy them?
A: Door straps are sturdy straps that attach the inside of your door to the rest of your car so that when you open your door, the door does not over extend. Much like a bump stop on your suspension, these straps can prevent damage by limiting the amount of travel that your door has when it opens. Without door straps, your door could open to the point of damaging the exterior sheet metal and potentially ruing the hinges and door alignment as well. With these simple and affordable straps in place your door will be safe and secure. Even if you open your door on a hill and gravity causes it to fly open quickly, door straps will keep everything in check and prevent expensive damage from occurring.

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