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The world of mobile entertainment is larger than ever. With advanced technology it is now possible to recreate the comforts of your living room inside of your vehicle. Only a few decades ago, if you were taking a road trip with the kids you had to rely on sing-a-longs and slug bug to keep them entertained, but now with portable DVD players you can just pop in a disc and keep everyone amused as you drive down the highway. Here at Andy's we have a great selection of DVD players from top of the line to more affordable models, so no matter what your requirements are we can handle your needs. Check out our lineup and bring your ride into the world of modern mobile entertainment with DVD players.
The first DVD players were developed in the mid-1990s. The new technology was a vast improvement over VHS in terms of size, quality and durability. As improvements in DVD and video monitor technology developed, it soon became feasible to install these amazing machines in the confines of a car. Nowadays DVD players come standard in many high-end vehicles. They have also gained a large following amongst custom car builders who pride themselves on finding creative locations to install the DVD monitors. So whether you want a simple in-dash unit or headrest monitors, anything is possible.
Q: What does DIN mean and stand for? What's the difference between Single DIN and Double DIN when it comes to stereos, receivers, and in-dash dvd players?
A: DIN is the standardized size for car stereo head-units. Universally adopted in the 1980s it comes from the German Institute for Standardization or Deutsches Institut für Normung, hence DIN. The size refers only to the face of the unit not to how deep it is. A Single DIN stereo is roughly 7 inches x 2 inches (180mm x 50mm) and is the common size for a deck containing a single slide in CD player. Double DIN is the same width (7 inches) of single DIN but is twice the height making it 4 inches tall. Double DIN is most commonly seen in stereo units that have more elaborate displays such as small in-dash dvd players.

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