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Ford Explorer Fender Gap Guards

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Fits: 91-94 Mazda Navajo Dx, Lx, 91-95 Ford Explorer Base

PART# 6728

Qty: Pair

Fits: 96-01 Ford Explorer Base, Sport

PART# 6731

Qty: 4


Q: What are fender gap guards? Why buy them?
A: A fender gap guard is a specially designed trim piece that mounts in your wheel well to cover the unsightly gap between your vehicle’s frame and body. If you have added a body lift to your ride then this gap is especially pronounced and can greatly detract from the look of your ride. With the addition of a fender gap guard, the exposed underpinnings of your fender magically disappear giving a sleek clean appearance that will set your vehicle apart from the crowd. In addition to enhanced looks, fender gap guards also protect your vehicle’s undercarriage from exposure to the elements, keeping moisture dirt and grime out to give your ride an enhanced lifespan. If you plan on adding a body lift to your vehicle be sure to budget for fender gap guards as well; you won’t regret the drastically improved look.

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