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Most people don't give handbrakes a second thought, but we really think you should. Your hand brake plays an important role in for your vehicles. It adds security when parking a vehicle, especially on a hill, and because it is mechanically operated it can serve as an emergency backup if for some reason your hydraulic brakes fail. As the years go by, hand brakes wear out and begin to malfunction. Here at Andy's we have a selection of hand brakes for restoration and replacement to bring your vehicle back up to safe operating condition. Don't risk driving without one; a working handbrake is a must have item.
In the early days of automotive history many vehicles relied on mechanically operated braking systems that only utilized rear brakes. Today, this is essentially what the hand brake does; it mechanically operates the rear brakes to keep your vehicle from rolling down hills, or to slow the vehicle down in emergency situations. With the right modifications, hand brakes have also gained popularity for motorsports use, particularly in drifting and rallying. By being able to activate only the rear brakes, it is possible for trained racing drivers to induce a slide that is helpful for getting around rally circuits quickly, and getting the right angle for drift events. Of course this is illegal on public roads, so we recommend you stick to using your hand brake as a safety and parking device.
Q: What is a hand brakes? Why buy one?
A: For many people the hand brake is a device used to keep your car from rolling down a hill after you have parked it. However in the world of motorsports handbrakes are used for precision driving, allowing the pilot to lock up the rear wheels in order to put the vehicle into a controlled drift. This is especially crucial in the world of rally racing and drifting. Performance handbrakes are available to replace everything from just the handbrake handle, to changing out the entire cable actuated setup and replacing it with a more sensitive and reliable hydraulic unit. With a performance handbrake setup you will be able to easily and smoothly lock up the rear brakes to give you the ultimate in vehicle control. If you are serious about drift or rally, a performance handbrake is a must have upgrade.

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