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Fits: 2004-2010 F150 Reg/Super Cab/Super Crew Cab Sunshade (welded) No-Drill Mount

PART# 21170

Price: $401.95
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Fits: Universal

PART# 590220

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FORD F150 H0003B Headache Rack With Rear Cab Window Cut Out 1997-2014

NEW Dee Zee Cab Rack Truck Protector/Headache GMC Sierra 1500 Ford F-150 FS pk

FORD F150 H0001B Headache Rack With Rear Cab Window Cut Out 2009-2014

2009-2014 Ford F-150 Fab Fours Headache Rack HR2006-1

2009-2014 Ford F-150 Fab Fours Headache Rack w/ Modifier HR2006-1

Q: What is a headache rack? Why buy one?
A: A headache rack is a rightly named item that mounts in the bed of your truck behind the rear window in order to protect it from being broken by whatever load you are carrying. In theory it is also protecting your head from getting smashed as well. We have seen it countless times at the hardware store. A guy puts a load of pipes or lumber in his truck with one end facing the window. The first time he stabs the brakes the load slides right into the glass causing it to crack. Do not risk an expensive window replacement and an even more costly trip to the hospital, with a headache rack you can consider yourself protected. In addition these racks will give your truck a tough utilitarian look that will set your rig apart from the rest.

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