Infiniti Parking Brakes

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Infiniti Parking Brakes

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Fits: All Jeeps (Universal)


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Rear Emergency/Parking Brake Shoes Will Fit Infiniti 2004-2010

Wagner Brake PAB867 ThermoQuiet Rear Parking Brake Shoes fit Infiniti FX35 FX45

2006 Infiniti M35 Sedan Emergency Foot Parking E- Brake PedaL

Wagner Brake Z783 QuickStop Rear Parking Brake Shoes fit Infiniti G35 03-08 G37

Parking Brake Shoe-New Brake Shoes - Preferred Rear fits 97-01 Infiniti Q45

Q: What is a parking brake? Why buy one?
A: Parking brake is a term that is used interchangeably with emergency brake and hand brake. This is the mechanical braking system fitted to most vehicles for use when a vehicle is parked, especially on a hill, or as a backup in case the hydraulic brake system fails. Over time your stock parking brake can wear out creating quite a safety hazard. New parking brakes are available to restore safety to your ride once again. In the world of motorsports parking brakes are used for precision driving, allowing the pilot to lock up the rear wheels in order to put the vehicle into a controlled drift. This is especially crucial in the world of rally racing and drifting. Performance parking brakes are available to replace everything from just the handbrake handle, to changing out the entire cable actuated setup and replacing it with a more sensitive and reliable hydraulic unit. With a performance parking brake setup you will be able to easily and smoothly lock up the rear brakes to give you the ultimate in vehicle control.

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