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Kmc Skitch Chrome

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Part#: KM67324962230

  Kmc Skitch Chrome


Fits On:
07-09 Sierra 1500 1/2 ton 4WD, 07-09 Silverado 2WD 1/2 Ton, 07-09 Suburban 1500 4WD, 07-09 Escalade ESV, 04-09 QX56, 07-09 Ava... See more

Kmc Skitch 24" X 9.5" 6X139.7 Chrome 30
When it comes to combining elements of performance, durability and style into wheel design KMC is an industry leader. They have a proven track record in the off-road racing world and their reputation amongst street enthusiasts continues to grow every year. Based in Riverside, California their designs are not the only thing that is top notch, they also provide fantastic technical and customer service to ensure a loyal and happy customer following. With top name sponsored drivers like Travis Pastrana standing behind their products it is easy to put your faith in the fantastic wheels from the good folks at KMC. For the perfect blend of form and function look to the folks at KMC.
Q: Are the wheel prices listed on the Andy's website for four wheels, or for each individual wheel?
A: For every wheel we sell, the price is for each individual wheel. So in the likely event that you want four wheels, make sure to adjust the quantity to "4" in the shopping cart after you've added your wheel of choice to the shopping cart.

Q: What is the best size of rims for me to buy for my vehicle?
A: This sometimes is the most daunting question that buyers face. On one hand you want rims that are big enough to give your vehicle a clearly custom look that differentiates your ride from others on the road. On the other hand, you don’t want the wheels to be so big that the only way to stuff them under your fender wells is to use ultra skinny tires and thereby affect your ride quality. In our experience, a safe rule of thumb is that you can comfortably increase the size of your wheels by up to 3 inches from the factory size without it impacting ride quality negatively. So if the factory wheels on your vehicle are 14 inches in diameter, you can comfortably get rims that are up to 17 inches in diameter without negatively affecting ride quality. Of course, you are welcome to go much bigger than that, but in doing so you might be making a sacrifice in ride comfort unless you modify your vehicle in other ways to 'handle' the big rims better.

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