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Rota Boost Gunmetal

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Part#: BOOST17X7.5(29)

  Rota Boost Gunmetal


Fits On:
05-09 Spectra (non-5 Model), 90-92 Stanza, 04-06 Optima, 02-06 Sentra SE-R, 92-96 J30, 90-94 Scoupe, 01-03 Optima, 97-02 Tibur... See more

Rota Boost Gunmetal
Rota is the leading wheel brand from Philippine Aluminum Wheels Inc. The Rota name is well-known by motorsports fans worldwide thanks to great quality, excellent performance and aggressive aesthetics. With over 30 years of experience Rota wheels have proven themselves in all venues from the city streets to race tracks all over the world. With an exhaustive construction process that includes technically advanced casting methods and a rigorous inspection of the finished product, Rota aluminum wheels are second to none in the aftermarket community. In addition they offer great warranties and expert customer service that has earned them an extremely loyal following. For grassroots enthusiasts who demand a professional wheel, Rota is a great place to start.
Q: How does Andy's know which wheels will fit my vehicle?
A: We set up some sophisticated database functions to compare fitment information against wheel product information. We take the factory wheel and vehicle specifications of a given vehicle, and use those to determine the range of sizes that would comfortably work for that vehicle. We then load the wheel product data from a given brand of wheels to our database, and within our database we built functions that automatically calculate which wheels meet the fitment criteria of a given vehicle. It’s all pretty scientific and mathematical, but by the time you open the Andy’s webpage showing the wheels we carry for your vehicle, all that computing has already been done for you and you can rest assured any wheel we list for your vehicle is guaranteed to fit!

Q: Do the wheels listed on the Andy's website come with tires?
A: No they do not. Tires are sold separately in the 'Tires' category of our website. If you are buying wheels that are the same size as the wheels already on your vehicle, then it won't be necessary to get new tires anyway.

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