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Fits: 00-03 Infiniti Qx4 Factory Crossbars, 00-06 Mazda Mpv Factory Crossbars, 01-05 Pontiac Aztek Factory Crossbars, 01-07 Ford Escape Factory Crossbars, 0 ...

PART# 8004035+8003523

Rack Type: General Purpose Racks
Retail: $133.00
Qty: Package

Fits: 87-90 Jeep Cherokee Factory Crossbars, 90-95 Ford Taurus Wagon Factory Crossbars, 90-95 Mercury Sable Wagon Factory Crossbars, 90-99 Nissan Pathfinder ...

PART# 8003062+8003590

Rack Type: General Purpose Racks
Retail: $155.00
Qty: Package

Fits: 00-04 Subaru Legacy Wagon Factory Crossbars, 01-03 Chrysler Voyager Dual Sliding Drs Factory Crossbars, 01-07 Chrysler Town And Country Dual Sliding D ...

PART# 8003059+8003502

Rack Type: General Purpose Racks
Retail: $134.00
Qty: Package

Fits: 00-03 Infiniti Qx4 Factory Crossbars, 00-06 Mazda Mpv Factory Crossbars, 01-03 Ford Explorer 2Dr Factory Crossbars, 01-05 Pontiac Aztek Factory Crossb ...

PART# 8003062+8003590-2

Rack Type: General Purpose Racks
Retail: $155.00
Qty: Package

Fits: 00-07 Ford Focus Wagon Factory Crossbars, 01-05 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Factory Crossbars, 01-07 Toyota Highlander/ Highlander Hybrid Factory Crossba ...

PART# 8004035+8003523-4

Rack Type: General Purpose Racks
Retail: $133.00
Qty: Package

Fits: 91-95 Ford Explorer 4Dr Fits Over Factory Racks, 91-95 Ford Explorer 4Dr Naked Roof, 96-01 Ford Explorer 4Dr Naked Roof, 97-01 Mercury Mountaineer Fit ...

PART# 8003079+8000124-150

Rack Type: General Purpose Racks
Retail: $334.00
Qty: Package

Fits: 04-07 Hummer H2 w/ or w/o Lite Bar, w/ Fact Rack, 84-89 Jeep Cherokee w/ Fact Rack, 90-01 Ford Explorer w/ Fact Rack, 97-04 Ford Expedition w/ Fact Ra ...

PART# 55-15616

Rack Type: General Purpose Racks
Qty: Each

Fits: 00-07 Ford Focus Wagon Factory Crossbars, 01-05 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Factory Crossbars, 01-07 Toyota Highlander/ Highlander Hybrid Factory Crossba ...

PART# 8007012+8003523-4

Rack Type: Cargo Baskets
Retail: $153.00
Qty: Package

Fits: 02-09 Gmc Envoy Factory Tracks, 03-04 Ford Expedition/ Expedition El Factory Tracks, 96-00 Ford Explorer 2Dr Factory Tracks, 96-00 Ford Explorer 4Dr F ...

PART# 8007182+8050123-16

Rack Type: Cargo Bags
Retail: $1,068.00
Qty: Package

Fits: 00-00 Mazda Mpv, 00-01 Ford F-150 Super Crew 4Dr, 00-03 Infiniti Qx4 Factory Tracks, 00-06 Chevrolet Tahoe/Tahoe Hybrid 4Dr Factory Tracks, 00-06 Ford ...

PART# 8000214

Rack Type: General Purpose Racks
Retail: $175.00
Qty: 4

Fits: 00-06 Chevrolet Suburban Factory Crossbars, 00-06 Chevrolet Tahoe/Tahoe Hybrid 4Dr Factory Crossbars, 00-06 Gmc Yukon Xl Factory Crossbars, 00-06 Gmc ...

PART# 8004068

Rack Type: General Purpose Racks
Retail: $199.00
Qty: Each

Fits: 00-00 Mazda Mpv, 86-96 Ford Aerostar, 91-95 Ford Explorer 2Dr, 91-95 Ford Explorer 4Dr, 96-97 Chrysler Town And Country Dual Sliding Drs, 96-97 Nissan ...

PART# 8002067+8000214-6

Rack Type: Bike Racks
Retail: $215.00
Qty: Package

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2011 thru 2015 Explorer OEM Genuine Ford Black Roof Rack Cross Bar Set 2-piece

Roof Rack Crossbars for 2000 Ford Explorer - original Excellent Condition

2011-2015 OEM Ford Explorer Roof Rack Crossbars Set


95-01 FORD EXPLORER Power Steering Rack and Pinion Assembly +2 Outer Tie rod End

At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Ford Explorer roof racks to ensure that you have every roof rack option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of Ford Explorer roof racks, so that whether you are looking for a Ford Explorer rack for bikes or a cargo rack or a snowboard rack or anything in between, we've got it for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your Ford Explorer roof rack needs!

For those times when you just need a little more room than your ride can normally accommodate, we recommend installing a new rack to give you the extra cargo capacity you've been after. Today's racks are as stylish as they are functional, so the next time you're driving around and someone compliments you on your rack, you'll know that they're not just giving you lip service.
While some racks are universal, some are made specifically to fit your vehicle, giving you and your ride an easy way to add some carrying capacity. Surfboards, bikes, and extra luggage can all be a pain to load inside of your ride, so a new rack just makes sense if you always find yourself wishing you had more cargo room. With a multitude of clever configurations available by most of the brands that we carry, finding the right combination of rack and accessories to carry your precious cargo should be a cinch.
Q: What types of racks are there? Why buy a rack?
A: There are racks for every kind of occasion for trucks and SUV's. Some popular ones are snowboard racks, ski racks, wall mount bike racks, fold down bike racks, hitch mount bike racks and rooftop carriers. Racks are a great way to increase the cargo area of your truck or SUV or haul hard to fit items inside your vehicle such as snowboards or skis.

Q: Do racks fit any vehicle?
A: Racks are often universal and should fit most SUV's or van's roof bars. Some companies make vehicle-specific racks just to be sure the rack is exactly the right size. Universal ones are listed on our site with measurements in many cases, so that you can cross check the fitment against your vehicle size parameters.

Q: What is a bike rack? Why buy one? What different types of bike racks are available?
A: Bike racks are super convenient accessories that mount to your vehicle and allow for the safe and easy transport of one or more bicycles. If you enjoy riding your bike, then chances are you want to bring your bike along on vacations, or sometimes desire to go for a ride in a place that is not within cycling distance from where you live. This is where bike racks come into play. For not a lot of money you can get a complete system that will work with your car and allow you to haul your bike as far as you can drive.

There are several different designs of bike racks that you can choose from for your vehicle. Roof mounted racks attach to your existing roof rack, or mount directly to the roof and allow you to transport your bikes (usually two) on top of your vehicle. If you frequently use your bike rack this is a great setup because you can permanently leave the rack on your vehicle without affecting vehicle access. This style of rack maximizes rearward visibility and does not impact parallel parking, however it does limit your overhead clearance (watch out in parking garages) and if you are vertically challenged can be difficult to load and unload. Trunk mounted racks strap to the trunk of your vehicle and suspend the bikes over the rear end of the car. These racks are easy to load and unload and are easy to install, however the will make your vehicle harder to parallel park, and will make trunk access more difficult. Hitch style bike racks mount in your towing/receiver hitch or to the bumper, usually on the back of a vehicle, providing a sturdy base for several bikes mounted sideways. These racks are convenient to install and are perfect for long trips. They do add a bit of length to your ride making parking a little harder, and they can impact rear hatch access, but in general they are very user friendly and a good option for transporting two or more bikes. The last option is suction cup style bike racks. These racks make use of unique suction cups that can be safely mounted to nearly any surface on your vehicle so that you can support your bike in an ideal position that works for you to maximize convenience, visibility and access. These racks are usually intended for single bikes but can be doubled up if you have more than one bike to transport. Depending on how much you ride and what type of vehicle you drive you will be able to select the perfect rack from these options to suite your needs.

Q: What is a contractor rack? Why buy one?
A: Contractor racks, are sturdily designed rack systems that mount in the back of your pickup truck and provide a solid cage-like frame on which you can mount, strap, or brace a whole host of different items. Named because of their usefulness to people in the contractor and construction trades, if you are a blue collar worker it is difficult to live without one of these racks on your truck. From ladders to lumber, yard maintenance equipment to metal stock, these racks are built to handle rigorous loads and to maximize the utility of your rig. While they are easily removable when you are not on-duty, we frankly like the way the look and think that they add to the utilitarian flavor of any pickup truck. If you want the most out of your truck be sure to add a contractor rack to the mix.

Q: What is a cargo basket? Why buy one?
A: Cargo baskets are fantastic accessories designed to add functionality to your vehicle by providing additional space for you to store cargo on the outside of your vehicle. Whether you do not have room for the extra ice chest, or you need a place to stash your toolbox for a long road trip, cargo baskets provide the space on the outside so that you can have more room on the inside. Most rack designs boast sturdy metal construction and mount either on the roof of your vehicle or on the back of your vehicle (often utilizing the receiver hitch) for convenient storage that will have you wondering how you ever lived without one of these systems. The baskets are strap friendly so it is easy to secure your load, and they can be installed and removed as needed in no time.

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