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04-11 Mazda3 2.0l & 2.3l Weapon-R Dragon Air Intake System + Cold Ram Kit II

Fujita F5 Super Flow High Performance Air Filter F5-350S 3.5" dia NEW

94-98 VW Golf 2.0l 4cyl Weapon-R Secret Intake Free Cold Ram Air II Kit

08-12 Honda Accord V6 3.5l Weapon-R Secret Intake Free Cold Ram Air II Kit

Fujita Cold Air Intake for 2007-08 Nissan Versa CA-2821

93-01 Altima Weapon-R Dragon Air Intake System +Cold Ram Kit II


If you are looking for performance products from the Fujita then you have come to the right place. Fujita is a leading manufacturer of high-flow air intake systems. Here at Andy's Auto Sport we are pleased to bring you the full lineup of products from the Fujita catalog. We offer great customer service to ensure that you get the right part for your application and we can also provide you with technical assistance including detailed product specifications, photos, dyno sheets and installation instructions when they are available.

Your engine is nothing more than a giant air pump. In order to produce power it first needs to be able to efficiently suck clean air in. If you have ever tried to breathe through a straw, then you know what it's like for your car to try and breathe through an OEM induction system. Now imagine breathing through a straw while running a race, your performance will suffer greatly. Fujita has come up with an innovative line of products to help your vehicle breathe easy. Available for a huge range of vehicles, Fujita intake systems improve airflow to the motor which means increased power, throttle response and efficiency. Not to mention your car will gain a great roar from under the hood when you put your foot on the go pedal. If you are looking for an affordable way to boost your vehicle's performance check out the induction systems from Fujita.
Fujita knows that an intake system is not just a tube and filter. They design each of their products to meet the specific needs of the individual vehicles that they were intended for. They utilize the best possible materials and high-tech processes including an in house Dynojet dynamometer to develop each and every intake system. They also provide amazing technical assistance including a dedicated toll-free phone line as well as posting most of their dyno graphs and installation instructions on their home website. They have built an excellent reputation in the performance aftermarket, and their track record has proven that they are a name you can trust.
Fujita is all about quality. Each of their intake systems comes with:
6061 T6 Aluminum intake tubing with a polished finish
CNC mass air flow sensor fitting where needed
Re-inforced Silicon Hose
Carbon Plated T-bolt clamps
Fujita Super Flow High Performance Air Filter
TIG Welded Bracketry
Vibration Mounts
Free NOS Energy Drink

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