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JTS Venom Ultimate Extreme 2/3 Lowering Kit Dodge Ram 1500 SRT 10 Viper Truck

Venom Motorcycle Sport Bike Rear Wheel Swingarm Paddle Lift Stand Adjustable

Spool Lift Stand Attachments for Venom Motorcycle Sportbike Rear Lift Stands

Venom Motorcycle Wheel Tire Chock Self-locking Stand Chocks+Cruiser Keychain

Brand New Black Venom Motorcycle Front Fork Wheel Lift Stand Paddock Heavy Duty

Venom Snake Green Motorcycle Gel tank pad tankpad protector Large


Build more useable horsepower with Venom High Performance parts. Choose from a myriad of products that will help you realize your vehicle's full potential, including aluminum intake manifolds, fuel rails, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, adjustable cam gears, nitrous injection systems, and performance modules. Andy's Auto Sport is your link to the best deals on Venom products, along with the best customer service around.

Venom has pioneered more than a couple of performance parts, and manufactures a wide selection of goodies for many popular vehicles, so there's sure to be something right up your alley. Whether your goal is to add a lot of horsepower or to simply fine-tune your engine, Venom can help you out no matter how mild or wild you get with your modifications.
Venom is most well-known for its nitrous injection systems and its Venom 400, which have been the company's top sellers for many years. The company's Recluse nitrous kit offers enthusiasts a way to add big power in a small package, and its feed bottle is only about 12 inches long including its valve! Now you can have gobs of extra horsepower when you need it, while still maintaining drivability on the street.
Venom's nitrous systems are built using Venom's Patented closed loop fuel control system. The computer ensures the proper air/fuel ratio under all operating conditions. The system features an advanced microprocessor based control module.

VENOM was established in 1998 during what was the beginning of the Sport Compact performance era. They have always maintained a market position providing high quality, low cost, fuel injection components for Japanese and European imports. The VENOM Performance product line was developed to offer high performance product options to this largely underserved market.

VENOM was also one of the pioneers offering nitrous systems specifically designed for fuel injected engines. In fact, VENOM’s exclusive closed loop, computer controlled, systems protect vehicles from blowing an engine resulting from running too lean an air/fuel mixture.

Besides filling the Sport Compact product gap for high performance fuel injectors, fuel pumps, cam gears, intake manifolds, nitrous and computer controllers, VENOM Performance decided to prove the value of VENOM manufactured products by taking them to the races. VENOM Racing was instrumental in growing the Sport Compact scene by sponsoring major events, helping fellow racers and running three of the fastest Sport Compact drag vehicles on the circuit. In 2002 VENOM brought home 2 NHRA Sport Compact championship titles. Grant Downing was the first Sport Compact to run under seven seconds in the quarter mile and took the Pro title driving the VENOM Toyota Tundra. That same year, Bruce Mortensen drove the VENOM Honda Civic to a Hot Rod title.

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