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Fits: 05 - 10 Pathfinder R51, 2005 - Up Frontier D40, 2010 - Up Pathfinder R51


Retail: $16.58
Qty: Pair

Fits: 05 - 10 Pathfinder R51, 2005 - Up Frontier D40, 2010 - Up Pathfinder R51


Retail: $33.70
Qty: Pair


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2 New Front Complete Struts with Springs Mounts Fit Nissan Pathfinder Xterra

Pair (2) Front Strut Mounts For a 96-04 Infiniti QX4 Nissan Pathfinder

2 Front Upper Strut Mounts for Nissan Pathfinder infiniti QX4 1 Year Warranty

New Shock and Strut Mounts Lots of 2 Pack Front for Nissan Pathfinder QX4 97-03

Front Strut Assembly Mounts Suspension Kit KYB fits Nissan Pathfinder 96-99 3.3L

Most modern day vehicles rely on struts for their front and rear suspension. The benefits of the strut design are many. They combine the shock absorber and spring into one simple unit which also serves as a suspension locating and mounting point. This means they save weight, don't take up much space, and are extremely effective at handling suspension duties. The strut attaches to your car at the top with strut mounts. These mounts are specifically designed to keep the strut firmly located in place, but are also engineered to be flexible and absorb excess shock from heavy hits. If these strut mounts are not in tip top shape it can cause a host of problems from miss-alignment and tire wear to looseness in the steering. If you suspect your strut mounts have seen better days, we highly recommend that you invest in a new set.
Most OEM strut mounts consist of a steel outer structure with a rubber bushing inside to absorb and deflect harsh shocks. Over time rubber degrades due to environmental exposure and regular wear and tear. This means these strut mounts have a finite life and should be replaced as part of the regular maintenance and up keep. It is important to replace your strut mounts before they totally fail. Once the rubber wears completely away permanent damage can be done to the strut itself, which is a much more expensive fix. The simple thing to do is to have your struts checked on a regular basis and replace the top mounts when necessary.
Q: What are strut mounts? Why buy them?
A: Strut mounts are the component used to attach the upper portion of the strut to the chassis. The strut mount needs to be firm enough to positively locate the strut, but it also must have some flexibility in order to handle suspension movement, bumps and to absorb shock. Over time your factory strut mounts will succumb to the stresses of the road leaving you with sloppy and unpredictable handling. New strut mounts will restore your vehicle to like-new condition and have it performing flawlessly on the road. These mounts are made of the most durable materials to last you for many miles and are quite affordable so you really have no excuses to keep driving on dangerous worn out mounts.

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