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Plymouth Gran Fury Timing Chains

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Fits: 66-67 Belvedere Ii, 66-70 Belvedere, 66-74 Satellite, 66-76 Coronet, 66-78 Charger, 66-78 Fury, 66-78 Monaco, 67-71 Gtx, 68-75 Roadrunner, 70-71 Barr ...

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Engine Timing Chain fits 1965-1989 Plymouth Gran Fury Caravelle Valiant CL

At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Plymouth Gran Fury timing chains to ensure that you have every timing chain option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of Plymouth Gran Fury timing chains, so that whether you are looking for a replacement Plymouth Gran Fury timing chain or a cheap engine timing chain kit or anything in between, we've got it for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your Plymouth Gran Fury timing chain needs!

Your motor is a highly complex device that operates in precise synchronicity to produce the power necessary to propel your ride down the road. Your timing chain is the crucial device that keeps everything running in harmony. Over time, timing chains can stretch which leads to timing problems or in worst case scenarios can cause total engine failure. To avoid these issues it is highly recommended that you replace your timing chain at regular intervals. Here at Andy's Auto Sport we have a great selection of timing chains for you to choose from. No matter what your application, you are sure to find the perfect chain for your needs in our expansive lineup.
The timing chain physically connects the crankshaft and camshaft to ensure that the valves open in coordination with the pistons. If your timing chain breaks you are at risk of a valve and piston colliding with each other and causing extensive damage to your motor. If you have a high powered engine the risk of timing chain failure is even higher. In these instances we highly recommend using a high-strength chain that is designed to withstand the increased strains of a high performance motor. Don't gamble reusing your old chain; install a new timing chain to ensure maximum reliability.
Q: What is a timing chain? Why buy one?
A: Timing chains are one of the most crucial components inside your motor. As the crankshaft spins around and the pistons go up and down, it is crucial that the camshafts open up the valves in precise synchronicity with the rise and fall of the pistons. If the order is even slightly off a piston could collide with a valve destroying your motor and causing costly repairs. Over time your original timing chain will wear, stretch and fatigue. This can cause the timing to go slightly out of whack, but more importantly puts the chain at risk for breaking. Replacement timing chains will ensure that your motor stays running reliably and in perfect tune for many years to come. Performance timing chains are also available and provide additional strength for high performance applications. Many of these performance units also include adjustable timing gears which allow you to precisely dial in your vehicle’s cam timing for maximum power. This type of tuning is especially important if you are running a high lift or long duration aftermarket cam shaft.

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