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Fits: 1988 Jeep Wrangler S, 87-88 Jeep Wrangler Sport, 87-90 Jeep Wrangler Laredo, 88-90 Jeep Wrangler Islander, 88-90 Jeep Wrangler Sahara

PART# 11813.02

Qty: Each

Fits: 1960-1966 GMC Pickup Truck

PART# 0848-821 L

Qty: Each

Fits: 1994 Jeep Cherokee SE, 91-92 Jeep Cherokee Briarwood, 91-92 Jeep Wrangler Islander, 91-94 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, 91-94 Jeep Cherokee Limited, 91-94 Jee ...

PART# 11813.03

Qty: Each

Fits: 1960-1966 GMC Pickup Truck

PART# 0848-822 R

Qty: Each

Fits: 02-03 Jeep Liberty Limited, 02-03 Jeep Liberty Sport, 2003 Jeep Liberty Renegade

PART# 11813.07

Qty: Each

Fits: 1967-1971 Chevrolet Pickup Truck, 1967-1971 GMC Pickup Truck

PART# 0849-811 L

Qty: Each

Fits: 74-76 Jeep Wagoneer Custom, 86-90 Jeep Wagoneer Limited

PART# 11813.08

Qty: Each

Fits: 1967-1972 Chevrolet Pickup Truck, 1967-1972 GMC Pickup Truck

PART# 0849-821 L

Qty: Each

Fits: All Ford Trucks (with oblong door)

PART# 5402

Qty: Pair

Fits: 1960-1963 GMC Pickup Truck

PART# 0848-811 L

Qty: Each

Fits: 1952-1955 Chevrolet Pickup Truck, 1952-1955 GMC Pickup Truck

PART# 0846-823 L

Qty: Each

Fits: 04-08 Ford F150, 05-08 Ford Mustang

PART# 5502

Qty: Pair


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Door locks are relatively simple components but they provide a crucial function for your vehicle; security. They keep criminals out and keep your valuables safe inside. As vehicles get old, door locks begin to wear out and stop working properly. Fortunately you can replace your worn out door locks with brand new units from our catalog. Whether you want OEM replacements, power locks, remote operated locks, or other custom applications, at Andy's we have the parts you need to finish up your door lock project. If you don't find what you are looking for, give us a call and we'll do our best to get the right door locks into your hands.
If you are replacing the door locks on your car it is a good time to consider an upgrade. If you have manual locks, this means it is possible to step up to power locks, or even a power lock system that utilizes a remote control. If you have existing power locks already, you can still upgrade to a system that features a key fob remote control. This useful feature lets you lock your car from a distance, and ensures that all of your doors lock in unison so you do not have to check each one individually. It is a great way to add a little extra convenience to your ride. At Andy's many of us have upgraded to remote power locks on our own personal vehicles and we highly recommend this modification.

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