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MEGAN Nissan 240SX 5 Lug Conversion Wheel Hub Bearing Kit 5x114.3 4x114.3 S13 KA

Megan Racing Nissan 240SX S14 95-98 Rear 5 Lug Conversion Kit

Megan Racing Nissan 240SX S14 95-98 Rear 5 Lug Conversion Kit

ISIS 5 Lug Front and Rear Conversion Hubs Nissan 240SX 89-94 IS-5LG-KIT


Not all wheels fit on all cars. In fact most wheels cannot be interchanged between different vehicles thanks to the large assortment of varying bolt patterns used by automotive manufacturers throughout history. So while your classic Ford Mustang may have a 4x4.5" bolt circle, a similar era Chevrolet Camaro might have a 5x4.75" bolt pattern. What this means is that you cannot interchange your wheels directly. To remedy this problem you can use lug conversion kits. Like the name implies these lug conversion kits allow you to go from one lug pattern to another so that you can open up a whole new realm of possibilities when it comes to wheel choice.
Our offering of lug conversion kits are generally simple to use. By bolting on a hub adapter you can move from four-lug to five-lug, or change between a host of different bolt circle sizes. One of the nice features of lug convers kits is that they can be easily uninstalled to reverse the process. So if one minute you want to upgrade to nice five lug wheels, and then a month later you want to put the stock wheels back on so you can sell your vehicle, it is easily doable in only a few hours. This is especially great if you own a vehicle with an odd bolt-pattern that severely limits the wheels you can run. Now you can choose from the entire wheel spectrum if you use lug conversion kits.

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